Choosing accessories and options for your new pool is almost as much fun as making decisions about size and shape. Whether you are looking for labor-saving options, mood and atmosphere options or fun and game options, check out some of these possibilities from Sunswim!


They are not just for the kids!


Spill-Over Spas

 We can install a spill-over spa to any new pool construction. This separate spa and pool can have different regulated temperatures. They come in a few different colors and two different shapes.


Pool Safety Covers

These custom made covers come in different colors to accent your decor. It allows the water to breathe and makes winterizing a breeze. No more leaves to scoop out in the Spring. This takes safety to a new level and will support the weight of an elephant.


Automatic Pool Cleaners

The most popular option for new pool owners is the automatic pool cleaner. With dozens of types and styles to choose from, let us help you pick the one that is right for your type of pool.


Custom Deckwork

The deck is the part of your pool that everyone sees first. Sunswim offers custom stamped and brushes concrete deck work making your pool walkway something really special.



We offer a wide range of pool steps, from in-ground to convenient above ground drop in steps.


Rock Waterfalls

For sheer dramatic effect, nothing beats a rock waterfall. The relaxing beauty of splashing water!!!


Underwater and Perimeter Lighting


There are dozens of options when it comes to setting the mood in your pool area at night. From inexpensive options such as SAM lighting to exotic options such as perimeter fiberoptic.



Let Sunswim share the possibilities with you!